There are several types of weapons in heroes and castles 2, each type has distinct features, making weapon choice a very important part of character creation. Some weapons will be described as 'deals 35% damage when used with one hand'. These are 2 handed weapons, and are classed as different types for forging purposes. All melee weapons can be dual wielded, giving you the benefits of 2 different weapons and increased attack speed, but denying you the opportunity to use an off-hand bow or shield. Each weapon also has a different attack speed, which is also factored by what race you are. 

One Handed WeaponsEdit


Hammers are the chosen weapon of the Paladin Class along with the Mace & Club. The Two-Handed variant of the Hammer is the chosen weapon of the Runesmith class. All Hammers hit one target at a time, but the have strong knockback and a chance to stun.

Maces & Clubs:Edit

These weapons both benefit from the Paladin (The Clubs being the least beneficial and Maces the most). For One-Handed weapons these don't do much damage but can hit any unit in its range. The Club is only One-Handed.


Swords are the type of weapon you start with in the game and is the chosen weapon of the Knight.

Swords come in 5 types.

  • Normal: a basic looking sword that is usually as ordinary as it looks.
  • Exotic(don't know the exact name): Swords that differ from one another by their curvy shape. it might have the same characteristics as the normal sword but might have a small chance to critically hit.
  • Double Sword: Two swords wielded in a single hand and imposes the same characteristics as a Heavy swordin terms of stamina use.
  • Heavy Sword: A heavy hitting sword that uses a lot of stamina
  • Emerald: A short, green, and lightweight blade that has a fast attck speed and uses almost no stamina at the cost of low damage.


Bows are ranged weapons that are of great use to the Ranger class and have 3 different types.

  • Longbow: Large bows that can't be dual-wielded and deals high damage and armor piercing.
  • Magic: A weapon similar to the Longbow but has a colorful sheen to it and deals Magic damage, piercing through all defense.
  • Shortbow: A much smaller variation of the Longbow that has lower stats including projectile velocity, but can be used as an Off-hand weapon allowing you to switch between it and any other weapon you've chosen.


Crossbows can be picked as a alternative weapon on the ranger, usually having lower damage and rate of fire, but a 0 stamina cost, usually higher armour piercing, like rifles and blunderbusses, they have a dealay between attack animations, allowing the wileder to use no stamina, whilst moving and shooting, effectively increasing mobliity. These traits make the weapon more suited to rangers with a lower stamina regeneration and less focus on mobility.


Guns are instant- hitting ranged weapons that an Engineer knows how to make effective use of. They are made in 3 different types suitable for 3 different types of ranged combat.

  • Blunderbuss: Short ranged weapon that hits any unit in a 30-45 (Apprx.) Degree angle and average rate of fire.
  • Repeater: Mid-ranged weapon that fires bullets in semi-rapid automatic fire, but has an overheat meter.
  • Rifle: Long ranged high damage and armor piercing weapon that takes a while to fire.


A mining pickaxe repurposed for combat with light knockback and armor piercing. This weapon is not picked by any class.


Two-Handed, high damage and stamina weapon that boasts the highest base critical chance on any weapon. This weapon is not picked by any class.


Magic damage weapons that are useful to the Mage and Druid classes. They have two different types but each have different heavy attacks but use 15 Mana.

  • Melee: Does high damage with long range that triples when you use a heavy attack.
  • Ranged: Shoots Magic projectiles that when used as a heavy attack can pierce through any unit.