Each race can assign skill points to three different classes (disciplines). The maximum level a hero can reach is 99, which means he can have 98 skill points.

Skill points can be reset for 1 crystal per hero's level (caps at 30 crystals).

Human: Edit

  • Knight (single enemy unit damage)
  • Paladin (friendly unit back-up or ganker)
  • Mage (ranged magic back up)

Elf: Edit

  • Ranger (specialized bow attacks)
  • Grandmaster (Powerful single unit damage)
  • Druid ( anti-mobility magic attacks)

Dwarf: Edit

  • Engineer (specialized gun powder weapons attacks or wall defender)
  • Berzerker (more damage per health lost attacks)
  • Runesmith ( randomized rune mage with a hammer)
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