This class is the only class who specializes on Bows which is unique. They can deal high damage and even duel with other archers at a distance. The downsides are low HP and THE WORST IS THE ACCURACY DEBUFF IN THE NIGHTTIME. You can however improve your health but improving the effects of the debuff in the night is only improved by torchbearer. Rangers must also rely on their units on delaying the enemy before they reach you.


-High and nigh crits


-that night and fog debuff

-low HP

-Heavy reliance on other melee units on the field

Icon Tier Skill Name Skill Description Increase Per Level Max Level Skill Points Cost To Upgrade
I Swift

+5 Stamina

+5 STA 10 1
I Camouflage

+10% chance to dodge ranged attacks

+10% chance 5 1
I Sniper

Bows deal +2 extra damage

+2 DMG

5 1
I Quickness

Dashing has a 10% chance to use 0 stamina

+10% chance 5 1
I Cutting Arrows 30 Mana - While using a bow, attacks for the next 10s travel straight and go trough enemies +10s 4 1
II Precision Aim Bows will deal more damage the further away the target is (max of +50% damage) +50% DMG 3 1
II No Mercy

Deal +6 bonus damage to stunned enemies

+6 DMG 5 1
II Poison Tip

15% chance to hit enemies, dealing 2 damage/sec for 15s

+15% chance, +1 DMG/s 3 1
II Sharpened Arrows Bows have 15% chance to cause enemies bleed for 4s. Bleeding reduces damage and speed +4s 3 1
II Sniper Shot 50 Mana - Fires a straight shooting sniper shot with the equipped bow that deals 1000% damage +500% DMG 5 1
III Critical

+50% Critical Damage

+50% 3 1
III Conditioning

While standing still, stamina recovers 15% faster

+15% faster 5 1
III Evasive Arrow Bows will hit with +750 force when hitting close enemies / 1 2
III Nature's Touch Enemies hit have a 15% chance to be marked for 5s. If killed while the mark is active, they will explode and turn into a snare trap, which will then activate and hurt nearby enemies (explosion deals 50 damage, snare trap deals 20 damage) +5s, +30 explosion DMG, +10 snare trap DMG 5 1
III Elven Arrows 30 Mana - Allied units that use a bow shoot 50% faster and get +50 armor piercing for 30s +25% faster, + 15 AP 4 1
IV Brambles

10% chance to slow a hit enemy by 25% for 5s, 10% chance to stun a hit enemy for 1.5s

+10% chance, +25% slow down, +1.5s 3 1
IV Triple Shot

Bows have a 5% chance to shoot three arrows instead of one

+5% chance 3 1
IV Nimble +4% chance to dodge enemy attacks. When dodging, time slows down for everyone but heroes for a short period of time +4% chance 5 1
IV Forest Magic Stand still for 3 consecutive seconds with a bow to charge up your next arrow, which will explode on impact in a 120 radius +40 radius 3 1
IV Barrage 40 Mana - Fires an arrow with the equipped bow that deals 200% damage. After landing, a barrage of 10 arrows will land all around the ending point +100% DMG 4 1