Has a High Health StatHas Skill that Stun, Heal, Protect and Buff Damage(High Level)Buff the Troops(Blessing) (Vengaence Aura)(Divine Intervention)(Holy Protection)Trauma is an effective mediocre for stunning75% immune to debuff and stuns ; A rune might help Maximize its CapAt HIGH levels, Stamina Regen & God Rays; improves both Heavy Attacks as well as Magic DamagePlayer using this mostly would consider vitality of all the troops around him to be move effective in battle also Mace/Hammer One-Handed with AP>35 is more effective. Lacks high damage potential when compared to other classes. 


-high HP 

-insane bolstering abilities  

-magic damage 

-insane healing and resistance to debuffs 

-area damage some areas 


-Low natural damage potential (when compared to others) 

-magic damage will damn your time with Mages    

Icon Tier Skill Name Skill Description Increase Per Level Max Level Skill Points Cost To Upgrade
I Stalwart +15 HP +15 HP 10 1
I Divine Intervention Heals nearby allies 1 HP/s +1 HP/s 5 1
I Holy Punishment Maces, hammers and clubs deal +2 extra damage +1 DMG 5 1
I Holy Vengeance Killing a Skeleton or a Mummy, imbues your attack with magic, ignoring defense and giving +1 damage for 10s +1 DMG, +5s 5 1
I Retribution 30 Mana - Peform an attack that bashes all enemies in a radius, dealing 60% damage and stun for 8s +10% DMG, +3s stun 5 1
II Imbued Cape Wearing a cape gives you +15% extra health +5% HP 3 1
II Trauma Heavy attacks get +75 force and have a 100% chance to stun for 3s +75 force, +1s 5 1
II Blessed Units have a 20% chance to be spawned with a blessing, giving them +20% damage. When the unit is killed it will send out a healing blast, healing nearby units 20 health +20% DMG, +20 HP 4 1
II Smite The final hit of a combo with a Mace or a Hammer projects a heavy shockwave that knocks enemies back / 1 2
II Heal

50 Mana - The hero and all nearby allies are healed 100 health

+100 HP 3 1
III Holy Light

+75% Ailment Resistance

/ 1 3
III Tremor Smash Maces and Hammers have a 10% chance to deal +500% extra damage to buildings +10% chance 3 1
III Prayer Stand still to increase max health for the remainder of the battle (+15 max health per 5s, max of +75 max health) max of +30 HP 5 1
III Rush

Running into enemies will knock them back

/ 1 2
III Holy Shield

50 mana - Nearby allies are shielded from damage for 15s

+10s 3 1
IV Holy Protection Gives +10 defense to nearby allies +10 DEF 3 2/1/1
IV Inspire

Gives a 5% chance to gain +5 Command Points with each kill

+5% chance 5 1
IV Resolute The more health the hero has, the more stamina regen he has (+15% stamina regen at full health) +15% ST.REG 5 1
IV God Rays Each hit on an enemy has a 10% chance to chain lightning to nearby enemies, dealing 50 damage +20 DMG 3 3/1/1
IV Vengeance Aura 30 Mana - Nearby allies deal 50% more damage and heal 2 HP/second for 30s +50 DMG, +2 HP/s, +10s 3 1