Players playing as the mage class recieve high AoE damage potentials and can easily spam abilities and destroy multiple units. The downside is that they risk their health and others for more damage and etc. They also have reduced health and minimal armor so it is heavily recommended that mages should invest on HP and bolster on other classes to reduce the risks and and increase survivability when under attack.


-Spamable abilities

-high damage

-Complex and flexible gameplay


-Not so good in a melee matchup

-low health

-minimal armor

-Risky to play

Icon Tier Skill Name Skill Description Increase Per Level Max Level Skill Points Cost To Upgrade
I Mana

+5 mana

+5 Mana 10 1
I Staff Prowess Staffs deal +2 extra damage +2 DMG 5 1
I Magi-Blood Attacks of the hero have 10% chance to be magic based and deal 10 magic damage in an area +5% chance, +10 DMG 3 1
I Arcane Magic 5 Mana - Nearby allies each take 10 damage. The hero then recovers 30% of the total damage as mana +30% recovery 3 1
I Fire Blast 40 Mana - Shoot a fireball that homes in on an enemy in front, burning the enemy with 15 damage/second for 10s +10 DMG/s 5 1
II Mana Marker Enemies have a 3% chance to spawn with a Mana Marker, which lasts for 30s. When they take damage while marked, 5% of that damage is given to the hero as mana +3% chance, +5% mana 3 1
II Unstable Magic Whenever casting a Mage spell, there is a 100% chance to emit a powerful knocking blast that deals 35 damage to nearby enemies +35 DMG 5 1
II Uninhibited Magic The less armor the hero has, the less mana other Mage spells use (-15% mana use at zero armor) -10% mana use 3 1
II Silence

25% chance that enemies can't attack for 5s

+5s 3 1
II Ice Shards 60 Mana - The hero raises ice crystals all around dealing 50 damage to nearby enemies and stunning them for 4s. +50 DMG, +2s 4 1
III Shimmer Dashing instantly teleports, unleashing a knocking blast of enerygy at the end of the teleport / 1 2
III Mana Channel While standing still, regen mana 10% faster +10% faster 5 1
III Magic Blast Standing still charges up a magic blast that is released on the hero's next attack. The strength of the blast is based on the length of the charge (max of 150 damage) +50 DMG 5 1
III Overlord Enemies hit by regular attacks have a 25% chance to be marked with magic, taking 15% more damage from magic attacks for 10s +5% DMG, +5s 3 1
III Lightning Storm 50 Mana - Lightning bolts randomly strike around the hero, each one dealing 200 damage +100 DMG 3 1
IV Mana Save 20% chance to revive and teleport out of battle, converting remaining mana into health +7% chance 5 3/1/1/1/1
IV Higher Learning 15% chance to have a Mage spell use 0 mana when cast +5% chance 5 1
IV Lightning Block Blocking with a staff has a 25% chance to send down lightning on enemies that are blocked, dealing 10 damage and reducing armor for 5s +15% chance, + 10 DMG, +5s 5 1
IV Black Hole 40 Mana - Summons a black hole in front of the hero that lasts for 30s. Enemies walking trough have a 20% chance per second to be sent back to their starting location, while weaker enemies also have a chance to be killed outright +30s 3 1
IV Time Shift 30 Mana - Time slows down for nearby enemies for 10s +10s 3 1