Wave # Dialogue

a) They dare to attack the castle?!

b) Let them come!

c) No one has broken trough these gates yet... Let them try!


a) With you on our side, we can't lose!

b) We crushed their first wave, let them send another!

3 The sun is setting but no one can sleep... how are we supposed to sleep with those things at our doorstep!?
4 We must be smart about our enemies - I know we can push them back! As long as our allies keep coming to our aid, we will prevail...
5 Our ranged units won't be able to hit them firing into the darkness... we must light the way with out Torchbearers!
6 An outpost has been built right next to our castle - they are getting bolder, lord! We must take it down immediately before they can mount a larger attack!
7 You are a hero... we've seen you on the battlefield. They say those like you were born with a link to the Fell Crystal, granting you power equal to a hundred times that of an ordinary man! Is it really true?
8 Do you ever worry about the strength granted from the Fell Crystal? You've heard of the stories of those unable to harness it's power, haven't you?
9 The Mages are some of the oldest guardians of ourr people... they draw power from the Fell Crystal in order to push back the scourge. You can hear their screams sometimes late at night. It is said many sacrifice their lives for us.
10 Have you seen the King since the war started? It's been weeks and no one has heard of him.
11 With morale so low we need the King now more than ever. They say he hides underground in his impenetrable bunker, while we continue to fight a losing battle out here!
12 Supposedly this isn't the first time something like this has happened. The Scribe talks of an ancient Castle Hinton decades ago that fought against the undead. I don't know much about it though.
13 In the legends, the only reason Hinton survived was because oftheir great Emperor, said to be like a demi-god. Back then, they say you didn't need a Fell Crystal for magic.
14 We-ve been defending long enough - where is the enemy stronghold!? The Mages and scouts should have found it by now!
15 Only one scout came back, the rest reportedly dead. He was hysterical mumbling about a giant robed creature in the North.
16 I heard a story from the Scribe the other day, about a mage named Noter Kah. He lived centuries ago.Though magic was supposedly innate back then, Noter Kah was the first to discover a Fell Crystal... who knows what that kind of power could've done to a powerful mage like that if misused
17 Perhaps Noter Kah still walks today... I don't know. Legend has it that after absorbing the power of the first Fell Crystal shard, he wanted to find and destroy all others, absorbing their power for himself. But I don't know... it's just a legend.
18 No one knows if Noter Kah is real, but if he was, he was a terrible creature. Yet these fanatics praise him as if he were a saint. I rspect the believers, but they go too far sometimes.
19 The King wasn't always like this, you know. In his youth he was a great courageous warrior! He inspired us troughout the years and we won many battles. Now in his old age, he has become a recluse.
20 No one has seen the King for weeks, but some are saying he has gone mad. I've heard rumors of him screaming. Some even say he might be dead!

It is said there were once hundreds of Fell Crystals scattered throughout the land. But with that much power always comes risk... Many mages sought that power and destroyed most of the Fell Crystals in the process. Now, there's just a few remaining.

22 It's been so long, I don't even fear what I say about the King any longer... be honest, do you fight for him any longer? Or do you fight for the Fell Crystal and the people of this castle!?
23 I heard more screams from the Mage Tower last night... their minds and bodies are destoryed as they use their magic to locate the enemy stronghold. If we could just find it, we could attack them and end this!
24 The Mages think there is another Fell Crystal to the North - that must be the source of the enemy's power!
25 Did you feel that? It was almost like the earth rumbled before my feet! What do you think it could mean?
26 Did you hear!? Last night, the King left! He just left with his guard... does this mean its the end of us? Is all hope lost!?
27 The King is a coward... I am no longer afraid to say it. He has left his people and his army here to die. But we won't die... we will fight on to the death! I still believe there is hope!
28 Have you heard about the King! We have greatly misjudged him... he left to save us, not abandon us! They say he and his bodyguards made a secret attack on the enemy and their Fell Crystal, badly damaging it... but they have all been lost. Long live the King!

a) I can't help but feel terrible about what I've said about the King in the past... he really was a good leader and he died doing everything he could do to protect us.

b) We will never forget the selfless act of our King... despite his frail body and failing mind he did what he could to protect and save us. That is a true warrior.

c) After all the rumors... the hiding... what else could we have though about him?


a) Now with their Fell Crystal damaged by the King, it is time to strike!

b) With the damage the King did to them, the time to attack is now!

c) We cannot wait any longer, we must attack them and finish what our King started!


a) There isn't peace, but I know we can push back what remains of their shambling armies...

b) With Noter Kah and their Fell Crystal destroyed, we don't have much left to fear!

c) Their army is in shambles, victory is ours!