• Heavily proficient with all guns and has lots of Armor
  • Can make walls indestructible
  • has discounts on Mechanical, Siege, and gun units
  • Can plant Auto Turrets and Mines to help keep the enemy at bay.
Icon Tier Skill Name Skill Description Increase Per Level Max Level Skill Points Cost To Upgrade
I Resolve

+4 ARM

+4 ARM 10 1
I Gun Powder Proficiency Equipped gun powder weapons deal +2 extra damage with 25% extra armor piercing +1 DMG, +10% AP 5 1
I Last Resort While the hero is behind walls, the walls gain +20 bonus armor +20 ARM 3 1
I Shrapnel Equipped gun powder weapons have a 15% chance to hit with +400 force and stun for 3s when shooting enemies at close range +15% chance 3 1
I Fortify

30 Mana - Walls are invulnerable for 15s

+10s 5 1
II Advanced Artillery Artillery units and towers have a 15% chance to instantly reload +15% chance 3 1
II Mines Standing still for 5s lays a mine on the ground (max of 2 mines out at once)

-1s, +2 mines

3 1
II Tinker

Nearby walls are repaired 1 HP/s

+1 HP/s 5 1
II Siege Shells Equipped gun powder weapons do 50% extra damage to walls +50% DMG 3 1
II TNT 20 Mana - The hero plants dynamite in front of him that explodes after 10s, dealing 100 damage to nearby enemies +100 DMG 5 1
III Advanced Weaponry Allied units with gun powder weapons get +20% range and +10% damage +20% range, +10% DMG 5 1
III Dwarven Optics Increases the range of equipped gun powder weapons by 15% +15% range 5 1
III Stalwart Defense Start every defense battle with a catapult / 1 3
III Repulsion Armor Attacking melee units have a 25% chance to get knocked back with a 50$ chance to get stunned +25% knockback 3 1
III Heavy Shot 30 Mana - The equipped gun shoots a heavy shot straight ahead, shooting trough enemies and dealing 300% damage +100% DMG 3 1
IV Unstable Powder  Equipped gun powder weapons have 10% chance to explode on impact, dealing damage in an area +10% chance 3 1
IV Repair When an allied wall is destroyed, it will be automatically repaired (max 1 walls repaired per battle) +1 wall 5 1
IV Barricade Walls have an extra 10% health +10% HP 5 1
IV Craftsman Siege units, gun powder units, and mechanical units all cost 5% less Command Points +5% less CP 5 1
IV Auto Turret 40 Mana - The hero plants a turret in front of him that fires at nearby enemies, dealing 10 damage per shot. Each turret lasts 60s and only 3 turrets can be active at once +20 DMG, +60s duration 3 1