Icon Tier Skill Name Skill Description Increase Per Level Max Level Skill Points Cost To Upgrade
I Spirit Magic

+6 Mana

+6 Mana 10 1
I Staff Prowess Staffs deal +2 extra damage +2 DMG 5 1
I Strangle Vines When hitting an enemy, there is a 10% chance that vines will grow on them, lowering their move speed by 2% every second (max of -75% move speed) +10% chance 3 1
I Root While standing still, heal +1 health per second +1 HP/s 5 1
I Treeman Retinue 35 Mana - Summons 1 Dryad to protect the hero +1 Dryad 3 1
II Medicinal Herbs Heals nearby allies 2 HP/sec +1 HP/s 5 1
II Wild Growth Enemies killed by the hero have a 10% chance to explode in a tangle of vines that stun and slow other nearby enemies +5% chance 5 1
II Forest Might When blocking an attack with a shield, there is a 10% chance to emit a powerful knocking blast of magic +10% chance 5 1
II Wind Spirit Spawning allies have 34% chance to run for 15s +34% chance, + 15s 3 1
II Bark Armor 20 Mana - Protects the hero and nearby allies with magical bark armor, giving +35 armor for 15s +15 ARM, +10s 5 1
III Wisp Ally Start each battle with an allied Wisp that will attack nearby enemies. Wisp spawns with 50 health and deals 12 damage. After dying, respawns after 60s +25 HP, +4 DMG, -10s respawn  5 1
III Sapling Allies killed have a 5% chance to be resurrected as a Sapling. A sapling slowly grows over time, increasingly buffing nearby units' damage the bigger it gets (max of +5 damage) +5 DMG 3 1
III Nature Shield A shield that protects the weakest nearby ally, reducing damage taken by 15% -15% DMG 5 1
III Regrowth Enemies killed by the hero have a 10% chance to be resurrcted as a Dryad +10% chance 3 1
III Damage Channel 0 Mana - Use all mana to grant a damage buff to the hero for 10s, giving +1 damage per mana used +5s 3 1
IV Nature's Wrath Killed allies nearby have a 10% chance to deal a burst of 50 magic damage to nearby enemies +50 DMG 4 1
IV Spirit of the Bear Attacks have a 15% chance to harness the power of a bear, dealing +15 damage and +50 force +15 DMG, + 50 force 3 1
IV Elemental Powers When using a staff, random elemental effects have a 10% chance to occur: (Ice) Stun for 3s, (Fire) +5 Damage, (Earth) 3 Poison damage per second for 10s, (Lightning) Random lightning strike that deals 25 damage (Ice) +3s, (Fire) +5 DMG, (Earth) +3 poison DMG, (Lighting) + 25 DMG 3 1
IV Circle of Protection 40 Mana - Place a magical seal on the ground for 20s, protecting allies and slowing enemies that walk trough. Allies get +10 defense and heal 1 HP/s and enemies are slowed by 60% +10 DEF, +1 HP/s, +10% slower, +20s 4 1
IV Mana Blast 0 Mana - Use all mana to fire a magical blast forward; the more mana used, the stronger the blast (+1 DMG/+5 Force/+20 Range per mana used) +1 DMG per mana used 3 1