The Blacksmith is an NPC located in Castle Draydon. He can craft, forge as well as buy the hero's unwanted items.


Blacksmith Human - 01c



The Blacksmith can craft any rarity and type of an item. The process is completely random for all items, except for armors, which can be only equipped by the race the hero bought the armor with. Crafting weapons, shields and armor costs 3 Crystals and crafting runes costs 2. Select crafting weapons costs five Crystals.



Forging is a process of combining two items and converting them into a single item with stats of the first and the visuals of the second. Any two pieces of gear (weapons, shields, armor) can be forged, as long as they are of the same type. Forging doesn't cost any Crystals.



The hero can sell any item to the Blacksmith for the price of 1 Crystal, except for the starter sword and armor which cannot be sold.