Base attributes for each race are listed here. Note that the Mana attribute is always 50 starting at any lvl. 1 Hero and increases by 1 or 2 each level.



Attribute Name Attribute Description
HP Max Health Maximum health
DMG Damage Damage you deal
AP Armor Piercing Reduces enemy armor save
CRIT Critical Chance to deal 3x damage
WS Weapon Skill Chance to automaticaly block melee attacks^
DEF Defense Reduces damage taken^%
ARM Armor Chance to block attacks (Max 95)
DGE Dodge Chance to automatically dodge attacks^
STA Max Stamina Maximum stamina^
ST.REG Stamina Regeneration Amount of stamina regenerated per second
BLK Block Time Determines how many seconds you can block
  • ^Attribute cannot be changed by equipment but by the appropriate skill/Research
  • %This attribute is likely percentage based